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Business tips2

Views: 11     Author: Team of Yusen     Publish Time: 2021-11-15      Origin: Yusen Industrial

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How to become a veteran in the workplace---Part 2

Responding to questions in the workplace flexibly is very important to improve work efficiency and enhance teamwork.

We have summarized the following points and hope to help you.

01  Hi,I am A


It’s no problem to introduce your name in private meeting and it would be warmer and more natural but it will also show that you are filled with uncertainty for yourself in the workplace and business social occasion , as if you are not invited to be here formally but stumbled into the house by mistakes , you should introduce your full name and status just like : This is A from a marketing department....

02  I can not


People don’t like to hear anyone say :“I can't ”, it shows that you don't try to finish your work ,if you really can't do it is because of lack of the necessary skill please provide the other solution. You should say what you can do but not what you can't do . For example , don’t say “I can’t work overtime”, you should say : “I will come earlier tomorrow is it good? The same don't say “ I can't deal with these digits ”,instead you should say : “ I don’t know how to do this analysis at present , is there any one can teach me so that I can finish it by myself next time.”

03  I  don't know


You won’t be able to give clear answers to all questions ,  no one can do that. But when your colleague asks you some questions if you answer him : “I don’t know or give him a blank face it will make people consider you to be not good at your job.” Here are some very good suggestions :provide some information that you already know: “At this moment i can only tell you that the report was sent to the printing factory on Friday” or you can say : “ i am considering this question too” , you can also see if anyone can provide information: “or let’s go to ask Red?”

04  It's all my mistake


It seems you dare to take responsibility but  actually not. Putting  the mistakes on yourself will embarrass you in your future work , and it also gives people the impression that you can't handle the job. You only need to take responsibility  for something that really falls on you. We should not focus on: “who makes the mistakes” but change to find more solutions.

Change to this saying will make your boss happy a lot: “It was my oversight but fortunately ......”

05  I will try


No boss will accept this kind of saying . “I am not ask you to try to do something-- I am asking you to finish this work .” You can explain your worry to the boss if the work is really complicated and difficult, because the boss can help you to differentiate importance or urgency or give you a feasible schedule.

06  Just in one minute


You might think saying this will shows that you are efficient and good at solving problems, actually this saying will damage your professional image and it will leave other people the impression that you are careless in your work. Never say it is very easy to finish the work that will take you much time and effort , you should say : i will deal with it immediately . It will show that you are quite calm ,quick and efficient.

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