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Detailed analysis of elastic bands

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In fact, the elastic band is also called elastic thread, elastic thread. Suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, wedding dresses, hats, masks and other clothing products. The following Yusen elastic band manufacturers will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of elastic bands.

Detailed analysis of elastic bands

Elastic bands are generally divided into two types: spindle woven and woven, and the width is also different according to needs.

Woven (woven) is the interweaving of warp and weft, and the twisted yarn is woven to form a pan head, and the weft yarn must be formed into a knot, which is woven on the loom. Because the width of the belt is small, the way of weaving is different, there are single, double, dozens of different, single-layer, and double-layer.

Knitting (spindle weaving) means that after the yarn passes through the winding and weft to form a weft tube, it is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, and the weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped trajectory to draw the yarn to cross and weave. Usually the number of spindles is even, the braided belt is tubular, the number of spindles is odd, and the woven belt is in the shape of a flat sheet.

The main raw materials are cotton yarn, viscose yarn and rubber yarn. Can be used for underwear, clothing, gloves, etc.

Among them, a narrow flat belt fabric with longitudinal elastic elongation properties is also called a wide and tight belt. According to different weaving methods, it is divided into woven elastic band and woven elastic band. The woven elastic band is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarns, and a group of rubber filaments are interwoven according to a certain rule.

Knitted elastic bands are woven by the warp-knitted weft insertion method. The warp threads are tacked into a braided chain under the action of a crochet needle or a latch needle. The weft thread is inserted in each braided chain to connect the scattered braided chains to form a belt. It is covered by braided chain or supported by two sets of weft threads. Knitted elastic bands can be woven into various small patterns, colored stripes and crescent edges. The texture is loose and soft. Most of the raw materials are nylon stretch yarn. The products are mostly used for women's bras and underwear.

Woven elastic band is also called spindle elastic band. The warp threads are woven around the rubber wire through a spindle in a figure-eight trajectory. The belt has a herringbone pattern with a width of 0.3-2cm. The texture is between woven and knitted elastic bands. The variety of patterns is relatively monotonous and is mostly used in clothing.

Classification of elastic bands

Narrow flat belt fabrics with longitudinal elastic elongation properties, also known as wide and tight belts, are divided into woven elastic belts, knitted elastic belts and woven elastic belts according to different weaving methods. The woven elastic band is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarns, and a set of rubber filaments are interwoven according to a certain rule.

Movement elastic band---is formed by the yarn warping drum and weft winding to form a weft tube, which is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, and the weft tube rotates along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarn through each other to weave. Medical supplies elastic band The pH value is between weakly acidic and neutral, it will not cause skin itchiness, and will not damage the skin's nominal weakly acidic environment jacquard polyester.

Nylon mixed elastic band-in the dry and wet conditions, elasticity and abrasion resistance are good, the size is firm, the shrinkage rate is small, and it is a good auxiliary material for clothing.

Wide elastic band-is a flat sheet-like elastic band woven by traction yarns crossing each other and woven with an odd number of spindles.

Color strip rigid belt-single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, elastic band, webbing feels very good, the color is beautiful and does not scratch the fabric.

Jacquard master tape-with a unique pattern, infinite elements of change are breaking through the traditional ribbon's only decorative function, seamlessly connecting with the brand soul in terms of clothing matching style and efficacy.

Printed elastic belt-is to print different patterns and patterns on the elastic belt, with different bottom belts, produce different results, thousands of changes, including thermal transfer flowers and silk printing.




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