After – Sale Service

Completing an order is not only a nice end but also a better start.
Our company pays more attention to whether products and services can bring economic, time, and other benefits to our distinguished guests, rather than just fulfilling orders on time based on quality.

The human touch is the heart of customer relationships, we may learn key points, good or bad, about products so that we can do better next time business. Leave a simple message of thanks for customers’ support for business and let them know we are available to answer questions that they have

Sometimes, after receiving our webbing/rope, it is not all the time that customers start to make their goods at once. At that time, we may need to advise them from the perspective of professional manufacturers to keep the products properly in the warehouse.

There is no doubt that customers are very professional on how to use our finished products, but there are also some relatively special products when customers customize for the first time. And we can provide appropriate suggestions to customers based on our attempts before the mass production.

After receiving the goods, the customer finds that he has an insufficient customized quantity (this is not caused by the small number of orders we sent). At this time, we can use our excellent customization ability to assist the customer to solve this embarrassing problem

As a company with independent research and development capabilities, we are happy to provide customers with information and help with new products. At the same time, we are honored to provide a free sample service for customers who have already made a deal.