According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into Jacquard Elastic Band, Glitter Elastic Band and Printed Elastic band,elastic band According to the general classification, it can be divided into the following categories.

1.custom elastic bands ——– is formed by the yarn warping drum and weft winding to form a weft tube, which is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the braiding machine. The weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarns to each other. Interlaced weaving.

2. Elastic band for medical supplies——-The pH value is between weakly acidic and neutral, which will not cause skin itching and will not damage the skin’s nominal weakly acidic environment. Jacquard polyester.

3. nylon elastic band——-good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, firm size, low shrinkage rate, it is a good auxiliary material for clothing.

4. Wide elastic band——–It is a flat sheet-like elastic band woven by traction yarns cross-woven with an odd number of spindles.

5. colored waistband elastic——–Can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, elastic band, webbing feels very good, the color is delicate and bright, and it does not scratch the cloth.

6. Jacquard Elastic Band ———With a unique pattern, infinite elements of change are breaking through the traditional ribbon’s only decorative function, seamlessly connecting with the soul of the brand in terms of clothing style and efficacy.

7. Printed Elastic band ——— is to print different patterns and patterns on the elastic belt, with different bottom belts, produce different results, and thousands of changes, including heat transfer flowers and silk printing

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