Company Profile

Development Path

Development Path

December 31

The founder officially entered the elastic belt weaving industry.

November 30

Introduced high-speed machines to replace traditional equipment.

November 7

The factory added dozens of computer jacquard machines to serve brand apparel companies.

November 24

Factory expansion and relocation, officially changed its name to Dongguan Yusen Industrial Co., Ltd.

November 6

Established the Foreign Trade Division to expand business globally.

November 4

Established BERHUI INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED . In the same year, Dongguan Henhenai Accessory Co., Ltd. established and entered the hair accessories industry and gift industry.

November 9

Obtained BSCI, ISO9001:2015 standard certification to enhance corporate competitiveness

November 12

Yusen’s product passed the OEKO-TEX100 international certification and reached the first-level environmental protection standard

November 17

Won the title of Alibaba Shenzhen Region·Strong Outstanding Merchant with Expanding Influence

November 20

Continuously introduce and train talents, and help outstanding Yusen people realize their dreams.

November 12

Establish a science and technology industrial park to realize the overall development of the industrial ecological chain.

Message from the CEO

          My name is Linda Sun, warmly appreciate your attention,.If you don’t mind, please allow me to share my experience and thoughts as below:
          Since 1998 I have accumulated rich experience in luggage accessories, such as belts, zippers, ribbons, and so on as an office worker.Also learned a lot of shipping information, which laid a foundation for my future foreign trade work. In 2003, I set up my own company which one’s main products are all kinds of woven webbing and cord. It was quite hard when just started but I never give up on my choice. I have been committed to the improvement and expansion of luggage and clothing accessories knowledge until now.
          China is in the process of ‘Made in China’ to ‘Creat in China’, and the textile industry should keep pace with the times. Get rid of the embarrassing position of low value-added and pure processing, and complete the transformation of the industrial chain with a creative design and mass customization. Process innovation, corporate culture sublimation, talent training, etc., this is what I will do next and must do.I hope to work hard with my customers to let our team be a high-quality elastic belt industry supplier.
          Sincerely hope that our efforts can get everyone’s attention and support.