Elastic ribbon: We also called elastic band, especially suitable for underwear, pants, yoga vest, sportswear, hats, masks, and other clothing products.


In 1812, elastic ribbons first appeared in a hat factory. Chemist Mason Tosh was the first to discover elastic ribbons. While inventor Hancock was in an experiment of extracting rubber concentration in 1820, he discovered elastic ribbons by accident.

Mason Tosh was the first person who used rubber features, and put it between two layers of fabric, then invented waterproof tape. Hancock patented the original elastic ribbon in 1820, and his elastic ribbons were used for clothing or boots.

In 1876, elastic ribbons were applied to women’s underwear. In the same year, a webbing article published said: “One of several recent inventions can be seen in Paris, one of which is elastic ribbons. People use elastic ribbons instead of shoulder straps, it works well and doesn’t tear clothes or grow patina.”

According to different weaving methods, we divide elastics into woven and knitted elastics.

We use nylon or polyester as warp and weft yarns, and then produce woven elastic. Woven elastic with latex yarns or spandex yarns according to production methods.

Besides, the knitted elastic is woven by warp knitting and weft insertion. We put lined weft threads in each braided chain, and connected into belts. The knitted elastic belt can weave various small patterns, color strips, and various edges. The texture is loose and soft. Most of raw materials are nylon yarn.

The pattern of braided elastic belts is herringbone-shaped. The width is around 0.3~2 cm, and the texture is between woven and knitted elastic.

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