The quality of a set of clothing design, elastic bands often play a big role, even more than the fabric itself. The appropriate combination of accessories can add the finishing touch, but on the contrary, it can only superfluous. So the most important thing is how to choose the elastic bands of clothing accessories. Clothing accessories are mainly composed of decorative belts, practical belts, industrial belts and body-protective belts.

Decorative belts can be further divided into: Jacquard Elastic Band, Printed Elastic band, printed elastic bands, Glitter Elastic Band ,Elastic belt band, sports elastic headband, body protection bands mainly refer to hair bands, body protection bands mainly refer to hair bands , Adhesive hook and loop, etc. The use of clothing accessories elastic bands is widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bra, suspenders, trousers, waistbands, shoe openings, as well as sports protection and medical bandaging. Especially suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothing, clothing, sportswear, rhythm clothing, wedding dresses Clothing products such as dresses, T-shirts, hats, busts, masks, etc.

Yusen is providing all kinds of elastic band, Women’s Clothing Clothing worn by adult women. Children’s clothing Apparel suitable for children. Including baby clothes, toddler clothes, kids clothes, middle kids clothes, older kids clothes, etc.

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