Elastic bands have many functions. A good elastic band can guarantee the quality of the product, so how to distinguish the quality of elasticity? Today, Yusen elastic band manufacturer will introduce several ways to identify the quality of elastic band.

Quality pollution: According to the naked eye, whether there are stains, stains, oil stains and other dirt attached to the elastic band.

Color cast detection: This can be observed with the naked eye. Look at its color. The texture is tapered with stitches. It should not be messy. It should be a relatively pure color.

Burr: Generally, it is the burr of some cotton yarn. This can also be observed with the naked eye. The double-sided and overlock stitch of the webbing must not have serious yarn balls and filaments.

Needle-off: A better quality elastic band does not have needle-off.

The quality of the webbing is undoubtedly related to the model and specifications of the webbing. Only the standardized specifications and models can be regarded as the best reflection of the quality of the webbing.

Thickness inspection: use a micrometer accurate to 0.001 to accurately measure, and the dimensional tolerance cannot exceed 0.1 mm for the positive and negative poles.

Total width inspection: use a vernier caliper to accurately measure the elastic bands from 1 inch and 1 inch to the total width. The dimensional tolerance cannot exceed the positive and negative poles by 0.25 minutes. The total width of the webbing of 1 inch and less than 1 inch, the standard tolerance cannot exceed the positive and negative poles. The size of the herringbone belt must be sufficient, and it must not exceed 0.25 points.

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