Some customers are not satisfied with existing products. Of course, no problem, we can provide a custom elastic bands service. So let’s take a look at how to own your custom elastic bands.

The width of elastic bands is about half an inch. A suitable font size to display your brand or product. If the font is too small, the clarity of the font will be affected, and the resolution will not be too high. Therefore, we recommend designing a font of the right size in the middle of the elastic bands to be the most perfect. For light-colored elastic bands, we recommend using bold fonts to improve contrast.

Patterns and logos can restore your design. Of course, we can also help. If it is a simple vector graphic, we can make it quick and straightforward. If you have complicated patterns and trademarks, please indicate in advance, and we will adjust the process according to the actual situation. It may extend the delivery period.

Asymmetrical designs are trendy nowadays. It is often regarded as a convenient and straightforward means of distinguishing the pros and cons. If you deliberately customize the patterned elastic with an asymmetric design. Please send us two designs in advance. Of course, we can also help with the design if you agree.

Want more information and quotes? Please get in touch with us. We have been waiting for your letter. We will help you.

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