For many salespeople who have just entered the workplace, it is very important to understand basic conversation skills and business thinking. Yusen Industry has more than 15 years of customer service experience, which is compiled in this article for your reference.

01  I have to ask my boss

Regardless of the position, you must have some decisions made by your superiors. Even the CEO has a board of directors above him. But this does not mean you have to tell them after every discussion that you are not the one who can make the final decision. In other words: “This plan is good but let me ask other colleagues in the department to listen to their suggestions.” It seems that you consider the overall situation and are good at cooperating, rather than a foolish little follower.

02  Is that OK?

When you ask your superiors, don’t feedback him: “Is that OK?” No matter whether you are sure or not, it sounds very uncertain you should say something like this: “Please let me know before Friday if this work should go ahead.”

03  I am the…

If you’re not a senior(everyone has gone through this stage), tell you a trick you dont need to tell everyone what position you are in, especially when contacting potential customers or partners with higher levels than you. Next time you write a cold email to someone you dont know very well, dont say “I am the marketing assistant of XX company…” You have to introduce yourself like this: “I am in charge of market-related matters in XX company. I wrote this e-mail because I wanted to…” You are not talking nonsense, but it sounds much more sophisticated.

04  very, insanely, extremely

The first important point of the “Sunflower Treasure” of workplace language is to eliminate any unnecessary adverbs. Not only do we all like to read short emails, but also these extra words add sentimentality to straightforward communication that should be based on facts. Judge which sentence sounds more like a calm and stern “overbearing president”:

01. “I want to get started, but I am really busy this week. We will wait for the workload next week. Can we start again if we relax?”

02. “I also hope to start as soon as possible, but my schedule is full this week.

Shall we start next week?”

05  “I” and “me”

“Using the word ‘I’ less can make you seem more confident and influential.” A psychologist at the University of Texas is committed to interpreting people’s hidden personalities by analyzing people’s language. He found that more use of “I” is often the one with relatively low social status. “Let’s take a look at these two expressions: 

01. “I would appreciate it if you could meet me next week. I am very interested in your field of work, so I am looking forward to meeting you face to face. “

02.” Will it be convenient to see you next month? It will be very meaningful to be able to ask you about your work experience. “The former one sounds like a fan talking to his idol, while the latter one seems to be seeking professional help.

06  I’m available at any time

Are you sure you are available anytime? If the person replies to you, “Then let’s make it at 5:30 on Tuesday morning”, I’m afraid you’re still stuck. Even if you are available at any time, others will only think when you say this: Your work is too idle, right? Try this expression: “Tuesday and Thursday afternoons would be best, but we can negotiate.” This still means that you’re available, but it also shows that you have a schedule.

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