Receive an order

The sales department sorts out the needs of customers, and reflects the details of the order to the planning department through the company's internal system

Yarn and other raw materials procurement

The planning department and the sales department confirm the order details, and hand the list of materials to be ordered to the purchasing department, and the purchasing department will complete the execution

Adjust the machine

At the same time, the engineering department arranges personnel to debug the machine in accordance with the order requirements to ensure the high quality and stable completion of the order

Bulk making

After completing the above steps, the order is produced normally. Workers will regularly check the production progress according to the order needs, change yarns, etc.

Quality inspection&Packaging

Ensuring quality is a very important step. We strictly follow the international inspection standards and conduct full inspections or random random inspections on bulk goods according to the actual needs of customers. At the same time, the packaging is done according to the requirements of the order.

Store for shipment

Due to the shipping schedule and the actual delivery date of the customer, we can cooperate with the customer to provide short-term cargo storage services.