Pattern use of jacquard elastic band

The use of jacquard elastic bands is very extensive. Here are a few simple uses of the following:

1. Reinforced elastic band (enhanced adagio): strong elasticity, used for mobile phone pockets.

2. Diamond woven elastic band: strong tightness, often used for pen inserts in pockets, inner tunic belts, etc.

3. Twill elastic band (single oblique, double oblique): The elasticity is loose, and it is often used in products with low quality requirements.

4. Wide elastic band: It is a flat sheet-like elastic band woven by traction yarns cross-woven with an odd number of spindles.

5. Fold the elastic band in half: press the center line in the middle, which is often used for hemming.

6. Elastic band for medical supplies: The pH value is between weak acidity and neutrality, it will not cause skin itching, and will not damage the skin’s nominal weak acid environment. Jacquard polyester.

7. Movement elastic band: After the weft tube is formed by the yarn warp and weft, it is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, and the weft tube rotates along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarn to interweave with each other.

8. Hemming elastic band: The elasticity is very strong, and it is used for girls’ underwear.

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