Many customers do not know how to distinguish the quality of elastic bands after purchasing a small number of elastic bands. As a waistband manufacturer, we will introduce you to some tips from a professional perspective.

The most intuitive inspection is the appearance inspection. Visual inspection can detect whether the product has stains, color differences, etc. The color difference inspection needs to compare the color samples provided when placing the order. In addition to comparing the color difference between the goods and the color samples, it is also necessary to compare the color difference of the goods themselves. The main contrast is the color difference between the front and the back and the beginning and the end.

It is expected that there are glitches in the elastic band. However, excessive burrs and fluff are unqualified. And there should be no skip stitches that the eyes can see, and the sorting should be regular and neat.

Then there is the part that needs to be measured by the instrument. First, the size is generally measured with a micrometer vernier caliper. The thickness tolerance cannot exceed 0.1mm. The width generally cannot exceed plus or minus 0.25 mm.

The above are some identification standards of printing elastic bands. Of course, we are a high-quality waistband supplier. You can totally trust us in terms of quality. Just tell us what you think, and we will get back to you in time.

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