Before consulting any waistband manufacturer for purchase, you need to distinguish Jacquard from the other types of elastic bands. In the jacquard, the patterned material appears distinct as it is woven into it. In other cases, manufacturers print the pattern onto elastic bands.

High-quality waistband

You will usually find the material of the jacquard elastic waistband, quite heavy and rich. People usually prefer such material to wear on special occasions only. You will feel amazed by the quality, perfection, gloss, and breathability of the jacquard elastic band.

Broadly, a waistband manufacturer would classify a jacquard elastic waistband into warp and weft, with the following specifications:

Warp is weaved by computer jacquard loom with the consideration of vertical thread
Likewise, the weft is weaved by yarn in the transverse direction.

More about jacquard elastic bands

Here are a few notable points related to jacquard elastic bands for you to know before purchasing them.

  • Ultimate weaving technology with the exquisite 3-D appearance
  • Availability of charming patterns like birds, flowers, and more
  • The apparent presence of high-grade and bright colors logos
  • The swift hand feel of fine patterns
  • Durability and strength of the
  • Single-sided jacquard patterns that support only side patterns, not on the back
  • Double-sided patterns that support both sides of the elastic band with high-end and amazing pattern

Make your accessories attractive

A waistband manufacturer makes jacquard a three dimensions band through the weaving method that accounts for its uniqueness. The band becomes appealing enough with unique patterns and multiple colors. Of course, the jacquard can make your shoes, hats, clothes, etc. more fashionable and appealing to brag on. So, the next time you are about to purchase a jacquard elastic waistband, make sure to take care of these important points.

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