The printing elastic band that everyone sees in life is also called printed elastic webbing. There are dot printing elastic band and patterned elastic. Some people think that they are embroidery, otherwise the printed webbing patterns are actually printed.

Under normal circumstances, the production process of printing elastic band, nylon elastic band is first weaving and then dyeing, the color of the yarn after cutting will appear white due to uneven dyeing, but as a PP webbing in the production process, the material will be changed first. Dyeing, and then weaving, the yarn will not appear white during use. Compared with the nylon elastic band and PP webbing, the nylon webbing is softer and more shiny. The printed webbing factory recommends that the material of the webbing can be easily distinguished by burning the material.

Generally, the price of printing elastic band is higher than that of PP webbing.

printing elastic band manufacturer silicone printed elastic

No delamination of printed products. It can be color-registered, breaking through the single-color, monotonous pattern of silicone printing, which is rarely used in the bottleneck of the fashion field, and provides decorative materials with excellent prospects for the clothing industry. The silk-screened pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect and a soft touch. The silk screen pattern has excellent peel strength, abrasion resistance, brightness and fastness to washing.

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