Pure cotton webbing is one of the main materials that enhance the fashion elements of clothing. Pure cotton webbing can not only interpret the style characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of clothing. So what are the characteristics of pure cotton weaving?

The cotton content of pure cotton webbing is relatively high, and there are a small amount of cotton and chemical fiber blended yarn, which has better comfort than ordinary polyester-cotton, blended fabrics and other products. Compared with other fabrics, pure cotton cloth has better moisture absorption, breathability, and heat preservation. The pure cotton cloth product has a soft luster, soft and comfortable hand feeling, and the pure cotton webbing has good heat resistance. At 110°C, it will only cause the moisture on the webbing to evaporate without damaging the fiber.

Therefore, the pure cotton webbing at room temperature, such as washing, printing and dyeing, has no effect on the webbing, which improves the washing resistance and durability of the pure cotton webbing. The cotton belt has good moisture absorption. Under normal circumstances, the webbing can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere. , The moisture content is between 8-10%, so if it touches human skin, it makes people feel that pure cotton is soft and not stiff. If the humidity of the webbing increases and the ambient temperature is higher, the moisture in the webbing will completely evaporate, so that the webbing maintains a water balance and makes people feel comfortable.

Some elastic cotton webbing has a special texture on the front and back, and it is difficult to identify the front and back. The following Yusen elastic webbing manufacturer will teach you how to distinguish the front and back of the elastic webbing:

1. The pattern and color of the general webbing certification are clearer and more beautiful than the reverse side.

2. It can be identified according to the pattern and pattern of the elastic cotton ribbon, the pattern is clear, clean, the pattern lines are obvious, the layers are distinct, and the color is bright.

3. With a striped appearance of color matching fingerprints, the pattern on the front must be clear. This pattern is especially obvious when weaving jacquard webbing.

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