What Are The Uses And Classifications Of Elastic Band?

Speaking of the elastic band, many people should understand that it is the most common object in some life, but what do you know about the use and classification of elastic bands? In fact, it is such a small object that can make things simple and easy. For this reason, today’s editor will explain the relevant knowledge system for you today.

1, use of elastic band

The fabric can adopt plain weave, heavy flat, twill, double, warp double and Jacquard Elastic Band. woven elastic band are tighter in texture and diverse in varieties. They are widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bras, suspenders, waistbands, waistbands, shoe tops, as well as sports protection and medical bandages, handicrafts, office stationery, industrial supplies, and household goods And other products.

Elastic band is used as a clothing accessory, especially suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothing, sweaters, sportswear, rhyming clothes, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, busts, masks and other clothing products; its uses include fabrics Weaves such as plain weave, heavy flat, twill, double, warp double and jacquard are available. Woven elastic bands are tighter in texture and diverse in varieties. They are widely used in clothing cuffs, hem, bras, suspenders, trousers, waistbands, shoe openings, as well as sports protection and medical bandaging.

2, classification of elastic band

is divided into woven elastic band, knitted elastic band and Jacquard Elastic Band according to different weaving methods.

woven elastic band is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarn, and a set of rubber yarn (latex yarn or spandex yarn) interwoven according to a certain rule.

The knitted elastic band is woven by the warp knitting method. Under the action of a crochet or latch needle, the warp thread is tacked into a braided chain, the weft thread is lining in each braided chain, and the scattered braided chains are connected into a belt. The rubber thread is covered by the braided chain, or by two sets of weft threads Clamping. Knitted elastic bands can be woven into various small patterns, colored stripes and crescent edges. The texture is loose and soft. Most of the raw materials are nylon stretch yarn. The products are mostly used for women’s bras and underwear.

The Woven elastic band is also called ingot woven elastic band. The warp thread is woven around the rubber wire through a spindle in an “8”-shaped track. The belt body has a herringbone shape, with a width of 0.3 to 2 cm. The texture is between woven and knitted elastic band. The variety of patterns is relatively monotonous and is mostly used in clothing.

3, according to the general classification can be divided into the following types.

The moving elastic band is formed by the yarn warping drum and the weft rolling to form a weft tube, which is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine, and the weft tube rotates along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarns interweaving each other. .

Medical supplies elastic band——-The pH value is between weakly acidic and neutral, which will not cause skin itching and will not damage the skin’s nominal weakly acidic environment. Jacquard polyester.

nylon elastic band——-good elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, firm size, low shrinkage, it is a good auxiliary material for clothing.

widen elastic band ——–It is a flat sheet-shaped elastic band woven by traction yarns cross-woven with an odd number of spindles.

The above is about some conventional usage and classification of elastic bands.

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