Sports underwear is now a must-have piece of equipment for women during fitness exercises. Since the birth of sports underwear in the 1970s, the industry has continued to develop with the advancement of technology. It is provided a lot of help for female athletes and sports enthusiasts. Contemporary sports underwear generally uses a dedicated underwear elastic waistband. The protection effect on the body of female athletes is better. It makes women’s status gradually equal to men’s on the sports field. In the past, the ratio of female athletes to male athletes participating in the competition was less than 1:6. Nowadays, the female and male Olympic team members of some countries are the same or even more. It is all thanks to the protection of the female breasts by the elastic band in the sports underwear.

As a sportswear product, sports underwear is constantly evolving and improving from model to function. The foremost famous sports brands will classify high and low intermediate sports underwear according to exercise intensity and have also launched their own sports underwear testing systems to help consumers choose suitable products.

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