Dongguan Yusen Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional producer and comprehensive distributor. The production and sales of elastic bands are our main business. Today I will introduce to you what an elastic band is.
An elastic band is a kind of clothing accessory widely used in all types of clothing. It is also used in daily necessities, crafts, and decorations.

Different weaving methods can be divided into the woven elastic band, knitted elastic band, and woven elastic band. According to the general classification, it is divided into sports elastic bands, medical supplies elastic bands, nylon mixed elastic bands, wide elastic bands, color strip rigid bands, printed elastic bands, jacquard letter bands, non-slip elastic bands, polyester elastic bands, rope elastic bands and buttonhole elastic bands. The elastic band generally uses non-toxic and harmless TPU as the raw material. Ensure the safety of users.

We can provide a variety of customized elastic bands. If you have the unique size and appearance requirements, you can leave your contact information, and we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

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