The elastic band material can be divided into nylon elastic band and PP band. Nylon elastic band is better, because the surface is shiny, and the mold is soft. If you want to distinguish between the elastic band and the PP band, you must distinguish it by burning, usually nylon The price of elastic band is relatively high. There is also a spandex elastic band, which is specially made to be more durable. In short, there are many materials for elastic bands. Buyers can choose elastic bands of different materials according to their needs.

About the difference between nylon elastic band and spandex elastic band:

1.The strength of nylon is higher than that of spandex, and the thread produced with nylon can even exceed the steel wire of the same fineness.

2. Nylon material has long storage time, has good mechanical properties, impact resistance and high surface hardness

3. Nylon elastic band is resistant to alkali but not acid. In addition, it has good flexibility and a soft hand feeling.

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