View of Factory

Company Entrance

The facade of Yusen Industry. As the image of the company and the factory, we always welcome customers from all over the world.

Conference Room&Office

The holy place where members of Yusen Industrial work. We are here to discuss, process and respond to all customer matters concerning orders, and at the same time, we are also here to discuss future planning work such as industry trends, corporate development and product development.


A large space used to display Yusen's products for customers to refer,and then clients can try and feel the products and purchase them to have it delivered on their company by immersiving brand experience and the vantage of no inventory. Also clients feel more confident before purchasing the bulk goods.


After years of hard work and market struggle, our factory has a considerable scale. There are a total of 35 jacquard weaving machines and high-speed weaving machines,more than 100 rope twisting machines with high-speed needle threading machines, one large-scale high temperature tape ironing machine and many buckle nailing machines.

Production Workshop

The technicians and employees with high skills and professional knowledge in the webbing and rope weaving industry, as well as the advanced equipment and the use of high-quality materials, make Yusen Industry more obvious in its peers.


Quality is the label that measures the product. Yusen Industry strictly takes 6S as the core to build the packaging department and QC group, modern and advanced management makes the company stand out in the elastic belt industry.