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  • Our profession: R&D all kinds of elastic band and cord rope.
  • Our goal: To save a lot of time cost and development cost for customers.
  • Our service tenet: To Save money, time and Win-win for customers.
Custom Elastic Waistband Manufacturer
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custom elastic waistband manufacturer
Quality inspection department and packaging department under 6S management In order to cope with the increasingly fierce competitive environment, our requirements for on-site management are constantly improving. Pay attention to production quality and try our best to meet customer needs.
Amfori BSCI Certification - Elastic waistband manufacturer
Certification - Elastic Waistband Manufacturer
Certification - Elastic Waistband Manufacturer
Certification - Elastic Waistband Manufacturer

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At Waistelastic, We work on three principles – Quality, Commitment, and Services. Customer’s satisfaction is always our prime priority.
More than 500+ happy customers across globe.

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A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product, or process. The design in our elastic webbing industry usually has to satisfy certain goals and constraints, as beautiful appearance, practical value, and functionality of the webbing.




After completing the above steps, the order is produced normally. Workers will regularly check the production progress according to the order needs, change yarns, etc.

Quality Inspection

After-sale Service

After-sale Service

Completing an order is not only a nice end but also a better start.
Our company pays more attention to whether products and services can bring economic, time, and other benefits to our distinguished guests, rather than just fulfilling orders on time based on quality.

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Top Characteristics of a Jacquard Elastic Waistband that You Should Know
Top Characteristics of a Jacquard Elastic Waistband that You Should Know

Before consulting any waistband manufacturer for purchase, you need to distinguish Jacquard from the other types of elastic bands. In the jacquard, the patterned material appears distinct as it is woven into it. In other cases, manufacturers print the pattern onto elastic bands. High-quality waistband You will usually find the material of the jacquard elastic waistband, quite heavy and rich. People usually prefer such…

Elastic Waistband – Essential to Ensure Perfect Fitting of Your Dress
Elastic Waistband – Essential to Ensure Perfect Fitting of Your Dress

You can get highly personalized effects in each silicone-printed elastic band you buy. Of course, there are varieties to explore. Customers can find endless patterns, prints, and sizes with a custom print elastic waistband. You can exclusively pick the relevant designs that suit your leggings, lingerie, pants, sportswear, and other dresses. Vendors usually classify elastic waistbands into two types: Printed…

Drawstrings design for ladies’ clothes
Drawstrings design for ladies’ clothes

Are there a lot of chubby girls who feel tight when they wear clothes ? Or do ordinary items always seem monotonous? The drawstring can solve these problems very well. The ordinary single product, coupled with the drawstring design, can present a free and easy taste, and you can adjust your own wear. The first is the role of drawstring…