Are there a lot of chubby girls who feel tight when they wear clothes ? Or do ordinary items always seem monotonous? The drawstring can solve these problems very well. The ordinary single product, coupled with the drawstring design, can present a free and easy taste, and you can adjust your own wear.

The first is the role of drawstring design, the drawstring design can be said to be a combination of practicality and beauty, on the one hand, we can use drawstring to adjust the tightness and length of wear, on the other hand, the super God design formed a sense of wrinkles can also make wear more lively, get rid of monotony.

For example, this set of wear and pull rope in the picture plays the role of enhancing the appearance and design sense. Add lovely drawstrings design on both sides of the clothes, so that simple clothes bid farewell to mediocrity and looks young.

And that a drawstring, some practical effect is more apparent, add the drawstring design on the bottom hem of jacket, which can be adjusted with his whole body, such as micro fat girl, can be a little loose some, can emphasize the position of the waist line , also won’t be too tight, and for a modest girl, can be a little tight, It makes you look slimmer.

I believe that many girls think that drawstring is only suitable for soft T-shirts, in fact, it is also very bright to add drawstring design on the shirt.

The white shirt fabric looks hard, but with the drawstring design, it becomes more angular and pleated. Like this picture, the proportion of limbs is more obvious, and the shoulders are more straight and upright, which makes the whole shirt look super three-dimensional.

Drawstring can not only use to the jacket, but also the pantsuit ,which can be comfortable and versatile drawstring sweatpants, not only vitality but also fashionable, running, jumping exercises can be worn, drawstring sweatpants are very popular, with sportswear, suits are very good.

The shape of rope is very diverse, and more important is paid to its decoration in the design, and it is becoming more and more popular. Elastic zippers are used for small part , clothing, pockets, both are practical and fun decoration.

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