Are you familiar with elastic band? In fact, elastic bands are also called elastic tape or elastic webbing. It is also suitable for underwear, pants, baby clothes, sweaters, sportswear, rhyming clothes, wedding dresses, T-shirts, hats, busts, masks and other clothing products. The following editor will help you introduce the knowledge about elastic band.

The Elastic band is what we often call elastic webbing, and its width varies according to needs. Generally divided into two kinds of spindle weaving and woven.

Machine weaving (woven) means weaving warp and weft. After twisting and warping, the yarn is warped into a bobbin (pan-head), and the weft is shaken into a knit, which is then woven on the loom. Because of the small width of the belt, the weaving method is different. There are single strips, double strips, dozens of strips, single-layer and double-layer. knitting (spindle weaving) means that the weft tube is inserted into the fixed gear seat of the knitting machine after the yarn is formed by the winding drum and weft. The weft tube rotates and moves along the 8-shaped track to draw the yarn to cross and weave. Usually the number of spindles is even, the woven belt is tubular, the number of spindles is odd, and the woven belt is flat.The main raw materials are cotton yarn, viscose yarn and rubber yarn. Can be used for underwear, clothing, gloves, etc.

Narrow flat belt fabric with longitudinal elastic elongation performance, also known aswiden elastic band. According to different weaving methods, it can be divided into woven elastic band, knitted elastic band and woven elastic band. The woven elastic band is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarns, and a set of rubber yarns (latex yarns or spandex yarns) are interwoven according to a certain rule.

The knitted elastic band is woven by warp knitting weft insertion method. Under the action of a crochet or latch needle, the warp thread is tacked into a braided chain, the weft thread is lining in each braided chain, and the scattered braided chains are connected into a belt. The rubber thread is covered by the braided chain, or two sets of weft threads Clamping. Knitted elastic bands can be woven into various small patterns, colored stripes and crescent edges. The texture is loose and soft. Most of the raw materials are nylon stretch yarn. The products are mostly used for women’s bras and underwear.

The woven elastic band is also called ingot woven elastic band. The warp thread is woven around the rubber wire through a spindle according to the “8”-shaped track. The belt body has a herringbone pattern, with a width of 0.3 to 2 cm. The texture is between woven and knitted elastic bands. The variety of patterns is relatively monotonous and is mostly used for clothing.

The above summary of the knowledge about Elastic Band, I don’t know how much knowledge you have learned after reading it. In fact, this knowledge is very helpful to you, so if you are not familiar with it, take a good look at the above knowledge. .

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