The difference between polyester and nylon

Polyester and nylon are two different materials. Although they are very similar. Under different conditions of use, products of different materials should be selected. As a waistband manufacturer, we will share some tips that we use to identify polyester and nylon.

When we made the webbing band, the products made of these two materials were very similar in appearance.

First, separate the warp and weft of the polyester webbing band and nylon webbing band, and then conduct ignition experiments, respectively. This is the fastest way to distinguish between polyester and nylon.

During the combustion process, record the respective combustion reactions and combustion results. It is possible to distinguish polyester elastic bands and nylon elastic bands with almost the same appearance.

The burning effect of polyester is: it continues to burn in the form of droplets, and there is a slight smoke phenomenon. The result of burning is around residue of black or brown.

The burning effect of nylon is: it will melt and shrink when it is close to the high-temperature flame, and it cannot continue to burn. The result of burning is brown or gray.

Because we will add other materials when making custom elastic, the above method is for reference only. Please distinguish between polyester and nylon-based on actual conditions.

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