The TPU elastic band is translucent and colorless, so you don’t need to consider the color configuration in matching, and it has a good invisible effect when used for clothing shaping. Next, let’s look at the advantages of TPU elastic band.

   1. The surface of the fine frosted particles makes the hand feel smooth and the sewing process is fluent, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

  2. Good elasticity and strong resilience, which can keep the clothes from deforming for a long time, showing natural lines.

  3, soft, light, thin, excellent flexibility.

  4. Good biological compatibility, stretching the skin will cause allergic reactions.

  5. Durable, acid and alkali resistant, and washable, the service life is as long as 5 years.

  6. No shrinkage, the original specifications and bending are still maintained after multiple emulsifiers or water.

  7, environmental protection, toxic, cremation, digging out of the soil can be naturally decomposed into.

  8. Excellent weather resistance. After testing, it still maintains good elasticity and flexibility at -38 degrees Celsius +138 degrees Celsius.

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