The dyed elastic band is afraid of the color difference from the color approved by the customer. So what is the cause of the color difference?

The common color difference problems are as follows:

The color difference between the elastic sample and the original sample of the customer;

The elastic band after the customer approves the color sample and the bulk elastic band appear color difference and so on.

The causes of color difference are roughly as follows:

1. Material and batch number of the material: reflected color light; the difference of the organization form, the degree of density is different.

2. Differences in dyeing elastic band technology: dyeing method, dye quality; horizontal color difference between the dyed bulk and the confirmed sample strip, the longitudinal color difference between each strip, the difference in the machine and its conditions, Color difference between dyeing batches, etc.

3. The characteristics of elastic bands: low-temperature dyeing of cotton bands, organic cotton elastic bands, bamboo fiber elastic bands, high-temperature dyeing of polyester elastic bands and nylon elastic bands, the difference in characteristics is also the cause of color difference.

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