The elastic band can not only be used as an accessory for clothing; it is also convenient for fitness equipment. We can distinguish the categories of elastic fitness bands from the aspects of length, resistance, and price. Please choose according to your actual situation.

Although the most critical data of commodities is price, like sports equipment, the elastic band is related to our physical health and sports safety. Therefore, we recommend choosing the most suitable elastic band in terms of length and resistance and then considering the price factor.

Generally speaking, when we make a fitness professional Glitter Elastic Band, we will use color to mark the size of the resistance. The darker the color, the more excellent the resistance. Beginners should act according to their circumstances. The blind pursuit of resistance will fail to strengthen the body and cause mechanical damage to the body. When the elastic band is stretched, the resistance starts from zero, and the longer the stretch, the more excellent the resistance. The stretch ratio of the elastic band is coordinated with the muscle elongation ratio to increase so that the muscle strength training is more efficient.

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